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Salt Spring Coffee Giveaway

From my other posts, you may have gathered that I’m a big fan of coffee. It has to be really, really good, and when the brand is organic and is a force for good, they can’t go wrong. I’m really happy to announce that, to encourage us all to give up disposable coffee cups, my friends at Salt Spring Coffee, have given me a 400g bag of coffee and a 12 oz black stainless steel tumbler to give away! This prize is for CANADA only and closes on April 1st 2017 – Hurry!  ...

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The Bedtime Routine (and contest)

Ah bedtime, the ever hopeful period where we hope that our little loves will just go to sleep. Please? *keep scrolling down for giveaway details* My tiny human has adopted (thanks to a week of sleep-training) a 7am wake-up and 8pm-ish bedtime with two (usually) naps in between. So, with around  ...

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