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9 Fun Activities for a 2 Week Quarantine

Everyone on TV is telling us that we might be confined to our homes for a couple of weeks thanks to the virus that’s getting everyone a little on edge. Sure, you’ve stocked up on canned goods, but you’re gonna get bored real quick, so here are 20 family-friendly activities you can do to pass the time. Netflix Marathon The best binge-worthy shows are right there, ready to watch and now you actually have time to sit and watch them from start-to-finish. Here are 5 of the  ...

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Power Your Toys Like Never Before

Picture the scene, it’s Christmas morning, the kids are opening their presents and can’t wait to turn them on and play with them. Oh, they need batteries. No problem, you’re sure you’ve got some in that top kitchen drawer with the envelopes, tiny Ikea pencil, and a selection of elastic bands.  ...

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