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The Blindingly Obvious Thing that All Men Need – Actually, there are a few.

Men are simple. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. Unless we’re navigating the feelings of those we care about, or those who can make our lives more complicated if we say the wrong thing. It’s exhausting, so if you see us ‘resting our eyes’ as all Dads do, it’s because of the mental work it takes to translate what we want to say into something that doesn’t ruin a perfectly good day, is hard. Something we don’t ask for is affection. I  ...

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The 3 Surprises of Woods on Pender

Ever since we moved to Vancouver from London, UK, I’ve wanted to visit more of the local islands.   I know that most of them are a short ferry ride away and have readily available adventures just waiting for me, but I never made it a priority.   This summer, we’re pushing  ...

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