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Heading to the gym? Don’t make these 5 gym mistakes

Are you making a big change or promising yourself to be healthier next year? Start off on the right foot by avoiding these common gym mistakes. Wear the right gear (including a good mask!) I’ve injured myself so many times by wearing the wrong shoes on the treadmill. The wrong gear can really put a dampener on your progress. Make sure your socks are made for running and will wick the sweat away. Cotton or wool socks will get damp, rub, and cause blisters. Posting gym selfies  ...

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The 3 Surprises of Woods on Pender

Ever since we moved to Vancouver from London, UK, I’ve wanted to visit more of the local islands.   I know that most of them are a short ferry ride away and have readily available adventures just waiting for me, but I never made it a priority.   This summer, we’re pushing  ...

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