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The 3 Surprises of Woods on Pender

Ever since we moved to Vancouver from London, UK, I’ve wanted to visit more of the local islands.   I know that most of them are a short ferry ride away and have readily available adventures just waiting for me, but I never made it a priority.   This summer, we’re pushing ourselves out of the door and away from the weekend routines of the same three streets we always visit for coffee, something for lunch and a walk around the shops.   The first of the places we  ...

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Brand Love

Celebrate Summer With Local Ale

Sponsored The first day of Summer is almost here and I can’t wait. Here in Vancouver, we got snow, more snow than usual, and the city was a mess. Then it melted, and oh look, more snow. After what seemed like months, it melted and turned to rain. We all ducked for cover and waited it out.  ...

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