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50 Easy Things You Can Do That Will Actually Make a Difference This Earth Month

I love the thought behind Earth Month, Earth Day, Earth Hour, etc., etc. It gets people to think about our daily actions and how the planet is in actual, real trouble. The problem is that these trendy hashtags and momentary pushes to recycle are they’re largely performative. There are so many things we can actually do, and I mean besides RT the usual stats and Greta Thunberg tweets. A big, and I mean MASSIVE one we can do is to get rid of the green lawns (or maybe just a part of it)  ...

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Brand Love

The Non-Disposable Movement

It’s always a pleasure to get out and meet new brands and start-up companies that are making something worth making. At the Healthy Family Expo in Vancouver, BC, I met a few companies who are just starting out and are coming with a message, “we’re making a change”. Among  ...

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