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5 Dads Go Wild, Brand Love

Only 4 Months Until #5DadsGoWild and I’m Not Ready

The 5dads go wild trip is something I look forward to all year. In fact, I think about it at least once every day. In brief, it’s a camping trip where 5 BC-based Dad Bloggers, Vloggers, and Content Creators meet up and spend a little time away from their day-to-day lives and reconnect with themselves, each other, and nature. I remember back to last time, talking around the fire with 4 other dads that I hadn’t met before. Making s’mores, joking around, and talking  ...

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Being A Dad is Hard

Being a Dad is hard.   Some of the time it’s really tiring, and I don’t mean that sometimes I really fancy a nap, I mean that I could be laying on the cold floor in the depths of being truly shattered until I’m summoned by cries, and I honestly have to consider how to dig  ...

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