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Vancouver’s Own Disney Princesses

It was a chilly and very rainy Sunday morning, where a living room full of toddlers were eagerly awaiting the arrival of two special guests. Distracted by balloons and plate of fruity snacks, they didn’t see Rapunzel and Ariel from the Crowned Princess agency walking up the path. The kids’ faces lit up as soon as the princesses walked through the door, complete with their stunning dresses, sparkly shoes, and a suitcase full of surprises. First was storytime, with Ariel and  ...

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The Secret World of Dad Bloggers

I’ve been a blogger, social media specialist and content creator for years, but I’ve always seen other people in my field as the competition.  That was until I made the shift, and found my niche as a Dad Blogger.  A couple of years ago, I was at a conference that was  ...

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