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Family Favourite – White Spot Celebrates BC with New Menu Items

sponsored Our local White Spot is one of our favourite places to eat. In fact, it’s a restaurant chain with a lot of history – including with my wife’s wonderful great aunt who used to deliver food to the cars on rollerskates back in the 1940s-60s at the original White Spot on Granville St., Vancouver. Fast forward to 2022 and The White Spot is as popular as ever, serving guests the favourites they’ve been eating for generations and plenty of delicious new creations.  ...

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Christmas 2021 Top Trending Toys

*contains affiliate links Wowzers, it’s that time already. The season toy-makers have been dreaming of and bloggers feel compelled to write about. You guessed it, I’m doing it too. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been carefully listening to the trends and seeing what are the  ...

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