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5 Dads Go Wild, Brand Love, sponsored

Fall Camping – Sleeping Bag Test: #5DadsGoWild

Last year we froze. I bought the cheapest, last minute tent I could find ($29 poorly spent!) and I got in my sleeping bag after a long first day of meeting the other Dads at the first ever 5 Dads Go Wild camping trip. I was snuggled in but couldn’t help feeling the breeze from what I soon discovered was little more than a sun shelter for warm summer camping. After a terrible night’s sleep I woke up and tried to roll off my air mattress, which had to go diagonally in the tent  ...

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Monster Trucks and Hair Cuts

I need a haircut. My greys are showing and it keeps curling in weird directions. Every time I get used to a new barber, they move, quit, or just plain disappear. Do they know how hard it is to find the right person with the exact right balance of knowing exactly how to cut my hair, to keep the  ...

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