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SocialDad’s Famous Spaghetti Recipe

It’s really hard to get my daughter to eat anything but a few foods, and they’re usually some kind of breaded chicken, scrambled egg, or grilled cheese sandwich. The only between-meal snacks she gets is fruit or carrots, but it would be really nice if she’d eat what we’re eating for dinner. I’m tired of cooking two separate meals at the same time. Since she’ll eat pretty much anything we grow together in the garden, I figured that to get her interested in a meal, she should help cook it. It  ...

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My Planet-Saving Diet Plan

First of all, I’m making this public pledge to you so that I actually do it this time. I’ve been plateauing, hard, so need to mix it up. Also, I might save the world. You may have heard recently in the news that eating meat is super bad for the environment. While delicious, the  ...

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