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Breaking Up with My Phone Provider

“Why won’t you walk in a straight line?” I passively grumble to myself. The person in front of me on the closing quarter-mile of my walk to work is on his phone and is meandering around the sidewalk.  “What kind of phone call takes this long?” says another inward thought before I catch it and remind myself that I am working on my kindness. I really am. Then a realisation hits me. I don’t talk on the phone anymore. Not properly at least. I answer questions, I inquire and make  ...

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Disney On Ice is Coming to Vancouver!

This Fall, Mickey’s Search Party is coming to Vancouver to bring the magic closer than ever. This brand-new immersive ice skating experience brings the magic closer to fans than ever before through engaging elements that take place on the ice, in the air, and in the seats, as performer  ...

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