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Connected Cars – Know more about your car with the Drive+

We first got our Ford Focus when we were starting our little family. We needed something to get to the hospital on time, to carry around a stroller, and to head out on family trips. It’s taken us on adventures around BC, down to the States, and been a faithful method of battling the daily commute.     I love my car. Sure it could be a little bigger, a little flashier, or have enough trunk space to fit all the toys my daughter wants to bring on even the shortest of trips, but it  ...

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Relearning the Heimlich maneuver

On Tuesday night, as I walked from the train and took a shortcut across the park I saw a woman chilling out while sitting on the bench next to the baseball diamond. I looked down at my phone for a minute or two and as I got closer, she was standing up and looked panicked.   I took out my  ...

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