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5 Dads Go Wild, Brand Love, sponsored

Fall Camping – Sleeping Bag Test: #5DadsGoWild

Last year we froze. I bought the cheapest, last minute tent I could find ($29 poorly spent!) and I got in my sleeping bag after a long first day of meeting the other Dads at the first ever 5 Dads Go Wild camping trip. I was snuggled in but couldn’t help feeling the breeze from what I soon discovered was little more than a sun shelter for warm summer camping. After a terrible night’s sleep I woke up and tried to roll off my air mattress, which had to go diagonally in the tent  ...

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Dad-ing, sponsored

Are you a Superhero Dad?

Teaser – there’s a big giveaway from my friends at Marks Canada if you keep reading!    As a Dad, I get to wear lots of different hats. Some actual hats, like a fireman helmet, a cowboy hat, and a kitty (not a hat but is insisted it goes on my head), and some figurative ones  ...

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Can men wear hats?

The age old question that has plagued men for years – can, or really should men wear hats?   I’m not talking about beanies (toques), ball caps or even flat caps, but proper brimmed hats that the dapper gentlemen wore back in the days where everyone wore suits for even the most  ...

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