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Passing on My Love for Photography

One of my first memories of photography was when I was four or five and my parents gave me a red 35mm Kodak camera. It was a simple point-and-shoot but it was mine. It came in cool clear dome packaging and I couldn’t wait to start taking photos. A few years later, I was given a pinhole photography kit. My Dad and I put together a black cardboard cube and poked a hole in it with a pin. We put the unexposed square of photo paper in the back and covered the tiny hole with some tape. We  ...

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Can men wear hats?

The age old question that has plagued men for years – can, or really should men wear hats?   I’m not talking about beanies (toques), ball caps or even flat caps, but proper brimmed hats that the dapper gentlemen wore back in the days where everyone wore suits for even the most  ...

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