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Why Are New Balance the Ultimate Dad Shoe?

NOT sponsored When I was younger, New Balance shoes were always a little plain. I always saw them as typical 90s Dad shoes, worn by men on American TV who tucked their t-shirts into their blue jeans. Fast forward 30 years and I find myself scrolling through the New Balance online store in search of the right balance of arch support and utility, without looking like I’m trying too hard. Has it become a bit of a cult? (In a good way! Not the “here, drink this, we’re all  ...

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Sometimes Dads just need to talk

Brace yourself, Father’s Day gift lists are coming (I’ve been working on one for months), but I want to briefly touch on mental health, specifically in fathers. In many cases, Fatherhood is incredibly isolating. The pressure to be a ‘good Dad’ and supportive husband  ...

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