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Is wearable tech a terrible thing?

I love gadgets, tech and innovation. However, since an experiment where I sold the iPhone of which I couldn’t let go, for 6 months I felt more in touch with my surroundings. Until, I caved and bought the latest Smart phone with the biggest screen in could find. I am, however, still conflicted. While having a smart phone, (or as they are now the go-to-device, let’s just call it a ‘phone’), is necessary for living these days, I feel very rude if I pull the device out  ...

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Is Instagram Over?

What do people use Instagram for these days? I was wondering what would happen if the network of filtered-image sharers went down? If we can’t share a vintage-style photo of our Starbucks red cup, did we really have it at all? How will my followers know that I saw a sunset? And where  ...

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