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James Smith is the Social Dad. A new Father and Social Media Specialist, sharing lessons and mistakes along the way.
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Hi, I’m James and I’m a new Dad. I know nothing, apart from what I’m figuring out as I bumble along.

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The Great Coffee Giveaway

Coffee is amazing, but what's really great is coffee that supports Fairtrade farming.   Ethical Bean Coffee has just been awarded (and rightly so) Georgia Straight's 'Golden Plates 2018' Reader's Choice Awards for Best Fairtrade Coffee. Here's more info.         To celebrate their awesomeness and because coffee is delicious,...

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How a Fridge Saved My Marriage

Sponsored.    Our old fridge came with the apartment. It wasn't anything special, it just went along, doing it's job. Until one day when it started to hum.   I don't mean that it was making a little noise, like most electronics do from time to time, I mean...

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Can men wear hats?

The age old question that has plagued men for years - can, or really should men wear hats?   I'm not talking about beanies (toques), ball caps or even flat caps, but proper brimmed hats that the dapper gentlemen wore back in the days where everyone wore...