Stop Stressing, We’re All Just Winging It

Spring Break is over, or so they tell me. As you know, we’ve drifted into some kind of range of days where vacation has ended but our kids are meant to be learning stuff. What, exactly I’m not sure. But something. As parents, we’re expected to do an awful lot, but in this new-normal, we’ve got to do a bunch of other duties on top. In addition to doing our 9-5 at home, we are the cooks, the cleaners, the nurse, the providers, the entertainment, and now the teachers  ...

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Dad-ing, sponsored

Discovering Sooke

Sponsored travel As much as I’d love to explore more places in our beautiful province, I haven’t made it a priority of late. Work, family life, and endless kids’ birthday parties take up the majority of our calendar. However, last week we were invited to visit the Sooke Point  ...

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