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James Smith is the Social Dad. A new Father and Social Media Specialist, sharing lessons and mistakes along the way.
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10 Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners

I'm not a great cook, although I do have a few staples that I've got down to a fine art, including my spaghetti bolognese, Japanese Katsu curry, and my Dad's "famous winter stew". However, after getting my first real kitchen gadget I've discovered the amazing...

Holiday Preview from Chapters-Indigo

It's either my year-long use of christmas themed socks or constant talk of exterior holiday lighting that has earned me a reputation for being fond of the best flipping time of year.  So I was beside myself when I got the nod to see what the...

Meet Other Moms with the Peanut App

Being a parent can be a lonely lifestyle. Sure you exchange pleasantries with other parents at the park or when your child shares, waves at, or accosts another, but it's often hard to meet people to talk to when you're only company is a baby.  Some...

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Why I’m Celebrating Canada Day

I came to Vancouver, BC from England in 2013 with my Canadian wife, who I met in London and we haven't looked back. I'd visited beautiful British Columbia as home-port in my days working on cruise ships, but never dreamed that I'd call it home. One...

DIY Lemonade Stand, how to make a lemonade stand, home depot, home depot canada, lemonade stand plans, blueprints, easy diy,

DIY Lemonade Stand – Part Three: Finished!

#sponsored At last, we had the perfect combination of a sunny day and no scheduled appointments, play dates, or activities. It was time to finish the lemonade stand and make some money. In case you missed Part One and Two, here are the links:   While my nieces were...