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James Smith is the Social Dad. A new Father and Social Media Specialist, sharing lessons and mistakes along the way.
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Should Mum Always Be Bad Cop?

A theme has developed as part of our ever-changing family dynamic. My wife is the one who administers the medicine while our daughter squirms like an otter. She also seems to be the one blowing baby's nose, cutting nails, and wrestling to get her curly...

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The 3-Step Bath and Bed Routine

This post was sponsored by JOHNSON’S®. All words, photos, and opinions are my own.   A child's bedtime is a special thing, especially when it goes to plan.  There have been many attempts at bath, stories, and bed that have gone awry and a few lovely ones...

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When Baby Routines Go Out The Window

  This year we have been working really hard on establishing rules and routine to create structure and boundaries for our adventurous toddler.     Meal Times     Baby wasn't eating what we gave her at meal times and she found that she could just ask for something else and she'd...