Fire Your Barista – Make the Best Coffee in Your PJs

Coffee is delicious, fact. We’ve all bought in, on some level to the feeling of routine, community, and indulgence when going to our favourite coffee shop and requesting our own specially made, ever-so-specific type of refreshment. The truth is, wouldn’t you rather have all the convinence of a to-go coffee, combined with the flavours and real coffee taste that you’re craving? Not sure where to … Continue reading Fire Your Barista – Make the Best Coffee in Your PJs

The Live Green For a Week Challenge for #EarthMonth

This week I’ve been invited to take part in the Ford Live Green For a Week program with Ford Canada. In aid of Earth Month, I’ve been challenged to take my sustainability and eco-friendliness to a new level. These include: Use a travel mug for my coffee Go paperless at the office. Use digital only Switch all light bulbs to energy-saving LED light bulbs Recycle … Continue reading The Live Green For a Week Challenge for #EarthMonth

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The Canadian Sisters Who Changed Baby Food for Good

Cheryl and Christa Giampa are sisters from British Colombia, Canada. When Cheryl was diagnosed with cancer, she didn’t have the time or energy to make her baby’s food, so she headed to the store. What she found was pretty bad. There were lots of processed, heavily packaged, preserved and cooked so much that most of the goodness was actually removed. So Cheryl partnered with Christa … Continue reading The Canadian Sisters Who Changed Baby Food for Good

The Non-Disposable Movement

It’s always a pleasure to get out and meet new brands and start-up companies that are making something worth making. At the Healthy Family Expo in Vancouver, BC, I met a few companies who are just starting out and are coming with a message, “we’re making a change”. Among the genuinely nice brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs and impassioned business-folk were Kisha Kinrade and James Spain of Timberchild. … Continue reading The Non-Disposable Movement

Salt Spring Coffee Giveaway

From my other posts, you may have gathered that I’m a big fan of coffee. It has to be really, really good, and when the brand is organic and is a force for good, they can’t go wrong. I’m really happy to announce that, to encourage us all to give up disposable coffee cups, my friends at Salt Spring Coffee, have given me a 400g bag of coffee … Continue reading Salt Spring Coffee Giveaway

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You Need This Bottle – The Corkcicle Canteen

I drink a lot of water, like 2-3 litres a day. I feel like I’m always thirsty and that makes for a lot of trips the office kitchen to fill my glass, or even worse, realising I’m super-thirsty while driving baby around, hoping she falls asleep soon. Not anymore. This beast of a bottle is the Corkcicle Canteen. I got the 25 oz version and … Continue reading You Need This Bottle – The Corkcicle Canteen