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James Smith is the Social Dad. A new Father and Social Media Specialist, sharing lessons and mistakes along the way.
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Winter Boots for Mum and Dad

  At last, the Summer has officially gone and it's time for the cooler, rainier weather to have it's turn. And, after a few months I'm hoping that the snow will come and stay for a while.   The first thing to sort out is replacing my old...

Why Kids Need a Role Model

It’s all too easy to fall into routines and daily habits that form into ‘just the way we are’. In the schoolyard and beyond, it’s easy to succumb to the influence of those around us. How we talk, act, and behave toward each other can...

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Avoiding Flu Season

Back to school seasons mean that cold and flu viruses spread quickly. Yuck.    During summer vacations, kids might get a virus, feel the symptoms and take a day or two to get over it.    Now the same kids can bring it to school and spread it around...

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The Summer Road Trip Snack For A Dieting Dad

#sponsored -SCROLL DOWN FOR THE CONTEST- Since moving here to beautiful British Columbia, I've been on a few pretty special road trips. While they haven't been the longest, driving six hours seems like a pretty long trip to me. [caption id="attachment_1477" align="alignnone" width="960"] The road trip that broke...

Organic Coffee at the Push of a Button

Ethical Bean Coffee have done it again. Actually two things. They continue to be an inspiration for promoting organic, fairtrade, and delicious coffee, but they've alleviated me of my Keurig guilt. The coffee pods or 'K-Cups' have been a point of contention since the single-serve coffee machine...