How to Change a Tire – and quick guide to tire health


If you’re a driver, learning to drive, or are a passenger, you need to know how to change a tire.

Luckily KalTire has a 7-step guide to use the tools that are included with your car. For the full guide, head to KalTire.com.

If you’re driving and the car is drifting off to one side, or you can hear a loud thump-thump-thump-thump, gently slow down, get out of the way of other vehicles, put on your hazard lights and find a place to stop. Don’t slam on the brakes!

how to change a tire
  • Remove the wheel cover (if you have steel wheels)
  • Get out your spare tire, secure your vehicle, and loosen the lug nuts slightly.
  • Jack up your vehicle.
  • Remove your flat tire.
  • Lift your spare onto the lug bolts and replace the lug nuts.
  • Lower your vehicle and tighten the lug nuts.
  • Put your wheel cover back on.

For the full guide, head to KalTire.com.

Keeping an eye on the health of your tires is super important – including the depth of the tread, which is how the car grips onto the road. If it’s too low, you’ll skid, and if you’re driving at high speeds and need to stop quickly, you’re out of luck.

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