Canadian Men’s Health Foundation expands MindFit Toolkit to support more men with anxiety and depression

For many Canadians, a combination of seasonal factors and financial stressors can add up this time of year. A recent study found 60 percent of employed North Americans are more stressed about their finances today than they were a year ago. 

During an important month for mental health awareness, the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) has just launched new and expanded mental health resources for their MindFit Toolkit in partnership with TELUS Health MyCareTM, to support men and their families dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

Backed by healthcare professionals, MindFit Toolkit provides access to free online screening tools, expert mental health tips, inspiring conversations and special offers on virtual counselling for eligible men. 

“As men and their families renew their efforts to make health a priority, we want to support them further by improving access to mental health tools,” said TC Carling, CMHF President & CEO. “MindFit Toolkit delivers simple, research-based information and resources to help men check in, identify signs and access help when they need it.”

CMHF is working with TELUS Health MyCare counsellors to help men and their families improve their mental wellness. MindFit Toolkit will offer men up to three virtual counselling sessions at a reduced rate or at no cost for those who qualify.

“The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation is rightly shining a brighter light on men’s mental health,” said Dr. Matthew Chow, Chief Mental Health Officer, TELUS Health. “It’s important to reach men where they are comfortable. MindFit Toolkit does just that, empowering them to understand their own health, encouraging conversations about mental health and identifying the steps to get support.”

Another new feature to MindFit Toolkit is a pilot project with Anxiety Canada that will provide virtual group therapy for up to 12 Canadian men with mild to moderate anxiety. The MindShift CBT Groups program provides cognitive behavioural therapy sessions covered by most extended medical plans or free for those without coverage. Registration is now open for the men’s-only sessions through the MindFit Toolkit or Anxiety Canada.

To access mental health resources, self-assessment tools, expert tips and conversations with influential Canadians, visit MindFit Toolkit at and share on social media using #MindFitToolkit. MindFit Toolkit and CMHF health resources are made possible thanks to support from the Province of BC and generous donors.

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