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Early Earth Month – Why One NFT Team in Mexico are Cleaning Up

As we all know, Earth Month is in April and becomes more and more important as our climate goes past any recoverable tipping point. In fact, the Amazon Rainforest may be there sooner than we think:

“A study suggests the world’s largest rainforest is losing its ability to bounce back from damage caused by droughts, fires and deforestation. Large swathes could become a sparsely forested savannah, which is much less efficient than tropical forest at sucking carbon dioxide from the air. The giant forest traps carbon that would otherwise add to global warming. But previous studies have shown that parts of the Amazon are now emitting more carbon dioxide than can be absorbed.” – BBC News

Keep reading for 10 ways to help this Earth Month

In the city of Tulum, Mexico, just down the road from Cancun, is a team of energetic and entreprenuial people who have been creating a community of designers, tech engineers, coders, builders, and people who want to do right by Mother Earth. It started with the Gorillae Gang NFTs and has already expanded to investments in a PETGAS Plant. This processing station will turn plastic into; 48% Gasoline, 28% Diesel, 12% Kerosene, 5% Parafine, 5% Natural Gas & 2% Coke, and sell this Eco-Friendly Gas Solution for Profit To Progressive Gas Stations.

They’re also organizing and participating in regular beach cleanups, picking up and recycling/upcycling the plastic they’re finding in their community, on the beach, and in the ocean.

If you needed more, they’ve already donated profits from their NFT collection to plant 4,444 trees in Uganda.

To further raise funds for these environmental efforts, they’ve released their own brand. The ‘first Web3.0 matcha- Gorillae Matcha.

But it’s not all up to them, you can get involved too! Apart from buying your own Gorillae NFTs you can do some of the following this Earth Month:

10 Ways to Help This Earth Month

  1. Community Cleanup – grab some gloves, some tongs and a garbage bag and clean up your neighbourhood.
  2. Recycle your old electronics and used batteries at your local depot.
  3. Switch a few meals per week to plant-based.
  4. Eat organic.
  5. Switch to LED lightbulbs – they last longer and use less power.
  6. Use a dishwasher instead of washing by hand – it saves time, power, and water!
  7. Take a shower instead of a bath – saves water (and your hydro bill)
  8. Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room
  9. Turn down your home’s thermostat a few degrees. Small steps count too.
  10. Walk or take public transit instead of driving. Save the gas bill and the environment.

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