Heading to the gym? Don’t make these 5 gym mistakes

Are you making a big change or promising yourself to be healthier next year? Start off on the right foot by avoiding these common gym mistakes.

Wear the right gear (including a good mask!)

I’ve injured myself so many times by wearing the wrong shoes on the treadmill. The wrong gear can really put a dampener on your progress. Make sure your socks are made for running and will wick the sweat away. Cotton or wool socks will get damp, rub, and cause blisters.

Posting gym selfies

Don’t. Nobody cares that you went. We’re proud of you for going, but feel free to keep it between you and your fitness tracker.

Sharing your routines

Is it leg day? Thanks for assuming I was going to ask. I wasn’t.

Checking out other people

Keep your head down, get your workout done and get out. This isn’t a singles mingling event and it makes people uncomfortable. Seriously.

Checking your phone between reps

People are waiting for you to finish up, so do your thing and move on. That bench is for lifting not texting.

Did I miss anything? What drives you nuts at the gym?

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