Thank Goodness Kids Go Back to School on Jan 10th

I honestly don’t know how my wife did it for so long. What a hero!

I know it’s risky, but personally, I know it’s better for my daughter’s (and my) mental health for her to be back in school. Here in BC, omicron has continued the lockdown/restrictions and it means schools won’t fully open until January 10th.

I’ve been trying to occupy our daughter for the Christmas vacation that got extended by a few days and I’m shattered. Where I started with plans for fun recipes, experiments, strict allowances on screen time, and outdoor expeditions at the ready, now I’m all out of ideas and patience.

As I often say, and one more time for those in the back, just because I have an opinion, doesn’t mean I’m an authority. Having said that, I reckon that we’re all going to get this thing sooner or later and as long as we’re fully vaxxed and boosted to reduce the symptoms, it’ll probably be like getting the flu.

We’re masked up and I’m already cleaning out her school bag. At my daughter’s school, masks have been mandatory for parents dropping off their little ones, for the teachers, and for the students.

I guess it’s time to start preparing for a return to a routine that includes early bedtimes and early wake-ups, getting dressed, fed, and out the door before the school bell rings. 3 days ahead of the magic Monday ought to be enough, though I know that the first day back will be tough. I’ll have to remember that she’s gonna be mentally exhausted afterwards so snacks and lounging at the ready.

As for me, it’ll be more writing, planning content, creating videos and taking photos, plus looking for a new full-time career move. Exciting stuff!

Who else is counting down the days before the kids go back to school?

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