LifeVac – The Anti-Choking Device That Saves Lives

If you’ve been in a terrifying situation when you see someone choking, having the knowledge of what to do can literally make a life or death difference.

A few years ago I wrote about the time I was walking home from work, past a baseball field and a woman waved to me as she signaled that she couldn’t breathe. Somehow the basic skills I’d learned as a Boy Scout almost 30 years ago had stuck with me.

The universal sign for choking is hands clutched to the throat. If the person doesn’t give the signal, look for these indications:

  • Inability to talk
  • Difficulty breathing or noisy breathing
  • Squeaky sounds when trying to breathe
  • Cough, which may either be weak or forceful
  • Skin, lips and nails turning blue or dusky
  • Skin that is flushed, then turns pale or bluish in color
  • Loss of consciousness

What to do if someone is choking

  • Stand behind the person. Place one foot slightly in front of the other for balance. Wrap your arms around the waist. Tip the person forward slightly. If a child is choking, kneel down behind the child.
  • Make a fist with one hand. Position it slightly above the person’s navel.
  • Grasp the fist with the other hand. Press hard into the abdomen with a quick, upward thrust — as if trying to lift the person up.
  • Perform between six and 10 abdominal thrusts until the blockage is dislodged.

If there’s someone else with you, call 911 and get emergency services on the way if things don’t get quickly better.

Sometimes though, it’s not that easy, especially with children.

The LifeVac is a non-powered, non-invasive, single-use only airway clearance device developed for resuscitating a victim with an airway obstruction when current choking protocols have been followed without success. LifeVac has a one-way valve that does not allow any air to enter a choking victim on the downward motion.

LifeVac Homekit – $69.95

LifeVac comes fully equipped with an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask. The duration of the suction is minimal which makes LifeVac safe and effective. LifeVac is easy to use in an obstructed airway emergency. 

Free online training is available.

LifeVac is equipped to be used on persons starting at 22 pounds utilizing the pediatric mask.

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We’ve got a LifeVac for the house but I want to get one for the car and emergency earthquake kit. I’ll also be suggesting to my daughter’s school that they could be purchased for the school lunchrooms.

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