Working From Home? Here’s How to Separate Your Life and Your Laptop

Those of us lucky enough to be still working are trying to balance family life and trying to get our jobs done remotely. As a parent, this is obviously tricky and easy to fall into a number of traps:

  • Getting distracted by kids
  • Losing track of your hours and working beyond 9-5
  • Stop taking care of yourself

Let’s start with the first one, and this one might be futile, but it’s at least worth trying.

Do Not Disturb

I’ve set myself up in a separate room and my daughter knows that I’ll come out at lunchtime for an hour of making food together and playtime, doing whatever she wants. Aside from that hour, I’m not allowed to be disturbed.

We tried me working in the annex of the living room, but I was too easily found and any time my wife said something that didn’t align with our 4-year-old’s plans, she’d run to me. So, now I’m off-limits, which actually makes things easier for both my wife and daughter, making the rules easier to follow.

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Working 9-5-ish

During the first few weeks of remote working, I found myself continuing to work or check emails well into the night, and although this gave me a head-start on the next day, I was losing balance.

As you would during a ‘usual’ week, start work at 8:30am with a big mug of coffee, break for lunch, and then close things down around 5pm. While we’re in a sort of a blurred time, where days melt into each other, keeping a routine will help divide your time and make things a little more ‘normal’.

Get Dressed

Working in sweatpants, skipping the shower, and delaying a workout sounds lovely. The kitchen is so close and there are a few things you could be munching on. Those Cheetos are calling my name!

In a similar fashion to the working hours, having a shower, shave, brushed teeth, and putting on a collared shirt will make you feel ready for the day and boost your mood.

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I love my Criquet shirts (soft and great for working from home)

After the first week of barely looking in the mirror, I’ve gone back to eating only at mealtimes, putting on a comfy but smart looking shirt (like my crazy-soft Criquet shirt), jeans, and clean socks.

In fact, I was chatting with Sean, the Manager of the Criquet Clubhouse and he shared something his Grandfather told him, “You look good; You feel good; You feel good; You do good.”

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  1. Russell

    April 6, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    Great post. I just started working from home and this might end up being the new normal for me. I really appreciate the tips. I can see where exercise and normal routines can go out the window.

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