Stop Stressing, We’re All Just Winging It

Spring Break is over, or so they tell me. As you know, we’ve drifted into some kind of range of days where vacation has ended but our kids are meant to be learning stuff. What, exactly I’m not sure. But something.

As parents, we’re expected to do an awful lot, but in this new-normal, we’ve got to do a bunch of other duties on top. In addition to doing our 9-5 at home, we are the cooks, the cleaners, the nurse, the providers, the entertainment, and now the teachers too.

We’re all freaking out a bit and that’s fine. Know that you’re doing enough.

Right now, all you have to do is make sure they feel loved, safe and special.

If you don’t have years of experience in teaching Chemistry or Pythagoras’ Theorem, it’s ok. Mix up the curriculum and teach them what you do know.

Don’t worry if they don’t know algebra or all the times-tables. Nobody really needs to know that stuff anyway. (Sorry Mr. Winnett.)

Most of us aren’t teachers and it’s hard enough to have them home over Spring Break, let alone having to do the frankly heroic job that teachers do every day.

Don’t beat yourself up about your kids’ education. You’re going through a hard time too and it’s fine to struggle. We’re all struggling whether we show it or not.

When our kids look back on this time, we want them to remember how much fun it was to be at home with Mom or Dad, the movie night they had, or the time we camped in the living room, or learning to bake with Daddy, even when we burn the banana bread.

Go ahead, have some fun with them. We don’t know what’s going and we’re just winging it. You’ve got this.

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