The Most Outrageous Food of Vancouver’s PNE

The last few weeks of summer is a magical time.

Children are getting excited for the new school year while at the same time, dreading ending their long days of freedom.

The autumn is starting to make changes around the fringes of the trees and the air teases a cooler side to the heat it boasted all season.

Family trips have come and gone, the supermarket shelves have been overflowing with school supplies since July, and nobody feels quite the same as they did when the Summer break was so full of promise.

However, there’s one thing that remains a huge highlight of the summer vacation, the few weeks before real life starts again, full of food, rides, and more food and that’s the PNE Fair at Playland.

The PNE has been going since 1910 and the food gets more delicious and more outrageous.

Here are my top picks. I ate most of them and might go back for the ones I just couldn’t squeeze in this time.

outrageous food, pickle pizza, playland, pne, vancouver food
Pickle Pizza! Delicious if you love pickles

Deep fried coffee, outrageous food, pickle pizza, playland, pne, vancouver food
Deep-fried coffee – basically fresh donut holes with coffee infused

mini donuts, best mini donuts in vancouver, outrageous food, pickle pizza, playland, pne, vancouver food
Those Mini Donuts – not really outrageous but a fair staple. So good!

That’s a 24 karat gold leaf covered chimney cake. No biggie!

Some of the best perogies I’ve ever had!
ramen corn dog, ramen cheese corn dog, outrageous food, crazy food, fair food, crazy eats,
The Ramen Cheese Corn Dog – Dried noodles over cheese, over a corn dog, deep-fried. Oh, my arteries.
bbq food
An entire area of the food providers I didn’t get to this time was the massive BBQ zone. Yum!
Getting too hot? The Slush Zone has a cooling mist for the overheating customers

So, what did I miss? I heard someone mention deep fried Mars Bars and foot-long fries! How did I walk past those? I really need to go back before the fair finishes.

outrageous food, pickle pizza, playland, pne, vancouver food

The PNE Fair is open August 17th – September 2nd.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a couple of passes to the show. I purchased all the food, plus all words, photos, and over-ambitious appetite were my own.

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