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A Dad’s Wishlist – Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Hooray for Father’s Day! Homemade cards, a bottle of whatever from the liquor store is cool, and oh how sweet a painting of a, umm oh is that a plant? Oh it’s me! Lovely. Let’s put it on the fridge.

Here’s a list of things you can get shipped FAST from Amazon.

Power Tools

Camera gear

As the official household photographer (although my wife takes beautiful photos too), cameras are something I’m always passionate about. As well as Father’s Day, my birthday is coming up soon. Just throwing that out there!

Fun Gifts

Ah, the old novelty gift. Immediately funny and only gets funnier every time you tell it to people, over and over, and over again.


Hooray for gadgets and toys! I mean tools, for life. These are important things and we need them.

roomba, irobot, smart home gifts
iRobot Roomba – it vacuums your house so you don’t have to. This is a gift for the whole family really!


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I’ve discovered safety razor shaving and it’s changed my world. There are no more single-use plastic throwaways, so much cheaper ($15 for 100 razors – that’s probably more than a year’s worth) and you feel like a grown up!

I have also discovered Kiehl’s cosmetics thanks to a sponsored post I did last week. I had no idea that just rubbing in the shampoo foam into your face isn’t actually a ‘face care routine’.

Keihl’s Canada also has a Father’s Day promo on right now. If you buy 3 regular products, you get 3 deluxe samples and a really nice wash bag. They’ll even wrap it for you. [more info]

father's day gift from kiehl's canada

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links which means I get a few pennies from Amazon if you buy things. Those pennies go toward my savings, which are then quickly spent on 30-second coin-rides at the mall.

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Father's Day gift ideas

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