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Giving Feels Good – with Catelli

I consider myself really lucky in that my family has food on the table. Sadly, there are a surprising amount of people across Canada who don’t have access to food as often as they should. I know that when I was living in London there were a few times where I would skip meals to make my limited paycheque stretch a little further.

Did you know that every month, more than 1 million Canadians use food banks? In fact, when I last volunteered at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, I learned that that it’s not just homeless people who use their services, it’s everyday people. Many of their customers have jobs, rent their homes, and have children in school, it’s just that after all that, their limited resources can’t always stretch to groceries.

Another truly great thing that I found out was that the food banks in Canada are working hard to increase the amount of nutritious and healthy food provided to their recipients, not just fillers but balanced meal options with as much fresh food as they can process within the expiration dates.

Sadly there’s still a big stigma around asking for help when we truly need it. From single, working parents to adults trying to make ends meet on their own, to seniors with a shrinking income, food bank users come from all walks of life and many were previously food secure. In fact, 1 in 6 people assisted by food banks nationally is employed.

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Nearly one-quarter (24%) B.C. residents have turned to a food bank at least once in their life and in the last 12 months, almost one-quarter (22%) of B.C. residents, and 1-in-5 Canadians overall, have skipped a meal, because they couldn’t afford to buy anything.

After reading this, I’m sure you’ll agree with the majority of Canadians (63%) who are upset one-third of food bank users are children, but admit, they don’t know how to make a real difference.

Since 2009, Catelli has donated 9 million servings of pasta to those in need. Now in its eleventh year, Catelli has pledged to give 1 million pasta servings to 16 food bank partners across Canada.

Between April 15-May 31, 2019 for every box of Catelli pasta purchased, Catelli will donate a serving of pasta to people in need.

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It’s that easy to help. Just add a box of Catelli pasta to your shopping cart and you’re helping raise the donation. This is just one simple way that you can help support the food crisis in Canada.

Dropping off gifts at the Christmas donation box

Whenever possible, I give my daughter the opportunity to help someone less fortunate. Whether it’s giving away a new toy to the gift donation box at Christmas, or to put all the cans aside for our local collector, it’s all important for her to know that not everyone gets everything they want or need.

That’s why, we headed to our local supermarket to buy some Catelli pasta, which we then dropped off in their donation box for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. That means it’s a double donation! Once for the box we gave, and once for the serving of pasta matched by Catelli. Everyone wins.

Find out more about how to help make a difference by visiting and following #GivingFeelsGood on social media.

food poverty in canada, giving feels good, pasta, catelli pasta, greater vancouver food banks

Disclaimer: This post is supported by Catelli. The words, opinions, and photos are my own.

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