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Vancouver’s Own Disney Princesses

It was a chilly and very rainy Sunday morning, where a living room full of toddlers were eagerly awaiting the arrival of two special guests.

Distracted by balloons and plate of fruity snacks, they didn’t see Rapunzel and Ariel from the Crowned Princess agency walking up the path.

The kids’ faces lit up as soon as the princesses walked through the door, complete with their stunning dresses, sparkly shoes, and a suitcase full of surprises.

First was storytime, with Ariel and Rapunzel both reading a tale from their Disney story.

Then came the Princess coronation ceremony, where my daughter the birthday girl had to promise to be kind to everyone especially those less fortunate, to always try hard and to follow her dreams.

She was a little shy at that point so I became an honorary princess in her place, even just for a few moments.

The crown was a gift from the princesses and I’m sure it will be treasured and used in every dress up playtime.

Next up was the singalong! As well as their main songs, the kids were asked to join in with any other of their favourite Disney tunes including of course, Let It Go.

While my daughter was a little shy at first, she warmed up quickly to her birthday guests and the princesses were very welcoming and were everything you’d hope for from a fairytale character.

After some face painting and nail polish, it was time for photos and cake cutting.

Everyone had a magical time and it was great to be able to leave the party activities to the professionals.

If you have a Disney-obsessed little one with a birthday coming up, I’d highly recommend

Disclaimer: Thank you so, so, so much for the gift of the princesses for the morning. Everyone had a special time and you gave my daughter and unforgettable third birthday.

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