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Getting Over My Battle with Beards

Living in Canada, I’m surrounded by burly men who can grow a magnificent beard with no effort. While wearing their plaid shirts and wielding an axe, they fight bears and make grown-up business deals in the same afternoon.


I, however scroll through Google for an answer to ‘How to Grow a Beard’ after my face fuzz gives me a patchy neck-beard and a mere essence of a mustache.


I’ve been exfoliating, stroking, wishing and hoping while my efforts to join the mustachioed crowd of manly men. My wife, on the other hand is not so happy about my plan.



She hates that my face is getting scruffy and her smooth-faced husband is going through an unfortunate phase. I’m scratchy and it’s starting to hide my jaw completely. Even my daughter is starting to push away from me as my face isn’t so huggable these days.


In all honesty, they’ve got a point. I know it doesn’t look good. However it may be too far gone. My electric shaver won’t help me now. Anything other than a 5 o’clock shadow and it struggles. I’ve got a couple of razors somewhere in the bottom of my bathroom drawer but I just know that’s going to sting.


There’s just one thing for it. Panasonic’s latest creation, a 3-in-1 shaver/trimmer that shaves, trims and shapes all types of facial hair, from the morning shave to grooming the most glorious of beards. Introducing the Panasonic 3-in-1 Shaving Trimmer (ER-GD50) in black. What’s really interesting about this shaver is the blade. There’s just one of them. It’s a straight-edge I-shape and at 35mm long, it’s nice and wide which gives an easier way to design clear-cut lines.


I also just found out that it’s the official Trimmer of the Toronto Blue Jays, and some of those guys have magnificent beards. Oh I’m so jealous.


When you buy yours, here’s what you get:


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Say goodbye, fuzz.




Oh that feels so much nicer. I was ready to wince and feel the sting of the shaver working on the longer hairs that spiral and face in all directions. It just cut through them like butter. It’s rechargeable and looks pretty sharp on my small side of the bathroom sink. You can get your Panasonic 3 in 1 Shaving Trimmer at BestBuy and




I’m happier now that my face is sharper and I look like I made an effort. Although I did walk past an older gentleman earlier today who had the kind of awesome grey beard and just-cut silver hair that means he’s either a model or a debonair cat-burglar. I wonder what his secret is.


Many thanks to Panasonic for sponsoring this post. All words, photos, and efforts to grow a beard are my own, sadly.


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