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September 13, 2017


Welcome to the Terrible-Twos, They Said

Oh the joy you’ll hear in the voices of other, more experienced parents when they tell you “welcome to the Terrible-Twos”. I don’t know why they relish in announcing a newer parent’s departure from the toddling days of new words and first steps and entry into pinching, climbing, four-word sentences, and of course, “mine”.   My daughter has just turned 21 months (or “almost two” for everyone who doesn’t enjoy an equation for  ...

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Brand Love

Avoiding Flu Season

Back to school seasons mean that cold and flu viruses spread quickly. Yuck.    During summer vacations, kids might get a virus, feel the symptoms and take a day or two to get over it.    Now the same kids can bring it to school and spread it around to his or her classmates. They bring  ...

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