DIY Lemonade Stand – Part Two: Shopping List and Painting

*Read in a cool intro voice* Previously on SocialDad – [Part One: The Pre-Build] At last, the sun came back out and baby went for a nap at just the right time, giving me and my nieces the perfect opportunity to get out the paint brushes and start working on their lemonade stand. We, well the girls, decided on pink and blue paint for the stand, which were mixed up by the perfectly charming Scotsman at our local Home Depot Canada here in Vancouver. We also went another way with our original plans. The first idea was to build the whole thing out of either fencing panels or planks of wood to make the frame and build from there. However, thank goodness that Home Depot Canada had some wooden crates that were perfect for easy construction.   Dressed in our appropriate painting clothes (or pajamas for the girls) and useful caps to keep our hair out of the paint, we set to work. Each of us had a box to paint in our favourite colour.     The girls worked together so well and it was nice to be able to give them a project they could feel proud of. As we’re just painting the boxes, there were no rules or telling them how to paint their own pieces. They grabbed the brushes and got on with it. Each had a brush (about $2 each) and their own colour to work on.       Now we’re leaving the boxes and planks to dry in the sun. Once they’re dry, we’ll use the No More Nails to stick them together, add the bunting and complete the project. Stay tuned for the last blog, where we finish setting up the stand, make some signs for the neighbourhood and try and sell plenty of lemonade, cookies, and whatever else the girls decide on making.   Disclaimer: Thanks to Home Depot Canada for supporting this little project. It’s awesome that a company like that is eager to help out little projects like this one. All opinions and experiences are my own      Pin this: