DIY Lemonade Stand – Part One: The Pre-Build

#Sponsored Taking inspiration from my very handy and DIY-inclined father, I want to be the type of dad who can make things. As I have to start somewhere, and because my own daughter is a little young to have her first business opportunity, I’m making a lemonade stand for my two nieces. The eldest, at 6yrs old will be taking the design lead (with a little guidance from me). We went through a number of designs from Pinterest, drawings from their imagination, and a chalk drawing and we decided on a plan For the sake of their attention-spans and my carpentry abilities, we went with a design that’s based around 4 wooden crates, which luckily our neighbuorhood Home Depot had plenty of. I know my drawing skills aren’t exactly worthy of Architectural Digest, but it’s just a shopping list.   My niece and I headed out in the truck that we borrowed to get all the materials and looked out the full sketch to plan our vision. Thanks to the awesome team in the Paint Department at the Cambie St., Vancouver store for being so friendly and mixing the pink and blue (my nieces’ choices). Both the girlsĀ are really excited to get to choose how the lemonade stand is going to look, including the colours. We also picked up a brush for each of them, as well as a cute Home Depot cap to keep the sun out of their eyes and the paint from their hair. Phew, what a busy evening. Hopefully this weekend will be nice enough to start painting the crates. Stay tuned for Part Two: Painting and Building, and Part Three: The Finished Stand and Sale Day. A huge thanks to Home Depot Canada for supporting our little family project. It really is awesome to provide assistance to fun, local DIY projects like this one.   Pin this: