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Why is it that the office coffee pot is either stale, cold, or just plain bad. You shouldn’t have to wait until your precious lunch break to grab a coffee, so why not make your own?

My friends at Ethical Bean sent me some coffee to try out and to see what I thought when I made some right at my desk.

I won’t bore you with the delicious details, but the Super Dark blend was smooth, and had a deep flavour. It wasn’t bitter at all, which I was expecting as I usually just go for a medium blend. Perfect for early mornings or those nights when baby just won’t sleep.

  1. Fill your mug with freshly boiled water
  2. Add 3-4 tablespoons of Ethical Bean ground coffee (I used the Super Dark blend)
  3. Pour in your water
  4. Put on the top of the French press to keep in the heat, but don’t push on the plunger
  5. Wait 4 minutes, check your emails
  6. Push down the plunger and pour
  7. Add milk if you need, but try it black to get the full flavour

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As it’s Earth Month, we’re all thinking of ways to be more sustainable and better for the planet, I should mention Ethical Bean’s coffee bag return program. Your old coffee bags can be sent back to be turned into a tote bag, and you get a coffee voucher for being a great person.

Oh, did I mention that I’m giving away a YEAR’S SUPPLY of organic, fair trade coffee?

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24 thoughts on “Make Coffee at Your Desk

  1. I have to get my cup of coffee everyday, more for leisure than for the caffeine. I usually don’t concern about the types of coffee and if they are organic or environmentally friendly. But it’s time to be more concer. About Mother Earth and it’s a great time around Earth Day.

  2. Ugh nothing I love more than coffee! I love the idea of ethical coffee beans; I enjoy coffee so much, but I’m definitely lacking when it comes to knowledge about how its grown and sourced. I’m trying to go completely cruelty-free when it comes to products, so I think buying ethically-sourced coffee is the next step!

  3. Unfortunately, Earth day was spent at home sick with a combination of the flu and strep. It was also rainy/snowy so because we were sick I didn’t want to take the boys outside.

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