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5 Things You Need on Your Social Media Resume

So, you’d like a career in Social Media? That’s understandable, it seems like it’s in the news all the time, and all companies need someone to manage their online presence.

It’s not so easy to get your foot in the door. An employer isn’t going to be impressed that you have a Snapchat account and that you have a few hundred followers on Instagram.

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Here’s what you need to really impress them:

  1. Certified skills. A background, or formal degree in fundamental communication (advertising, creative writing, PR, etc.) is an excellent place to start, but do some online courses for software and platforms that are used at the company you’d like to work at. Hootsuite, HubSpot, Google AdWords and Unbounce all have really solid tools to show that you’re ahead of the game.

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2. Content creation. Each social network has a different speciality. Some are more for written articles, some are for photography. If you’re going to represent a brand online, you need to keep up with the best. Have an online photography portfolio, or treat your social channels as a means of showing off what you can do. If you can, use an SLR to create some professional-grade shots, or use your phone, learn and demonstrate Photoshop skills and figure out Videography and editing for the web.


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3. Be on-brand. How do the companies you’d like to work for, talk with their customers? Are they funny or fact-based and serious? Do they sound like a chat bot or are they signing each tweet with a name? On your resume, or at the interview, demonstrate that you have experience with interpersonal communication to people of seniority, or that you’re able to change your tone to suit the occasion.

4. Do your research. Are you able to tell your new boss about the latest app update, or how Facebook’s new feature will change how the brand can talk with customers? You need to be the resource for everything Social Media. On your résumé, mention that you’ve developed a new channel on the latest platform, or that you’ve provided articles for a social media blog.

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5. Unless it shows that you’re all about a career in Social, only briefly (if at all) mention previous experience. Oh you worked in a supermarket? That’s cool, but what did you learn there that will help you today? (Answer: developing interpersonal communicative skills, while providing you with the funds to support your blog, or attend college, for example).

I hope that helps, and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section. Also, connect and say hi on LinkedIn

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