The one good thing to come from the new Presidency: An Opinion

I know I have to tread carefully here as there’s a lot of emotions flying around. As we all have, watching the news of late has been both agrovating and enlightening.

Trump and his staff have been busy in his first week of office, making new rules that aim to impose control over minorities, new immigrants, and telling women what they can do with their own bodies.

There is another side to this all. Something vastly positive and inspiring. The stories of people banding together, supporting the other side, chanting “Love, not hate”. There are judges and politicians who are camping out at their local airport, making sure that new immigrants are able to seek refuge without being turned away.

As a new father, I hope my daughter will be able to grow up in a generation that supports diversity, positivity and choice.

Many of my friends attended the March on Washington, here in Vancouver, Canada including one who I just had to thank via the text below. I couldn’t personally attend as my little girl was teething and was in no mood for company.

As many messages of negativity and fear-based rule-making, are cries of unity and doing whatever we can to create peace and show that the other side won’t give in.

So, what are you doing to show that you’re a force for good, positivity, forward thinking, and that the forces that unite us are stronger than those which divide.

P.S. If we’re not in the same page, and our opinions are different, that’s a shame. We can still be be civil, right?

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