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What HAS to come next on Instagram

A few weeks ago, we were all very excited to hear that Instagram lifted their square-only photo rule, which was often a hindrance. 

If you were preparing a photo for Twitter, Facebook or a blog, then a strong horizontal ratio’d crop looked great. But Instagram always required us to run it through a 3rd party app like Afterlight to give it a white border. 

So, now we can put up the photos in their lovely, original format. But oh no! No matter how great your landscape photo is, it now seems even smaller. 

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How long will it be before the clever team at our favourite photo-sharing app will let us turn our screens sideways?  Who wants to see their photo look like a couple of postage stamps when there’s so much unused screen real estate?

Aside from this, wouldn’t you love it if they really allowed scheduling, and I don’t mean the reminder-copy/paste tool that HootSuite are excited about. 

What else would you like to see on there? Comment below or tweet @JamesRCS

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