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Hootsuite’s Big Announcement – But is it any good?

Hootsuite have just announced an integration with Instagram. No longer will we be confined to the previously awesome (and now in need of an update) LaterGram.

With the new tool, Social Media Managers everywhere will be able to schedule Instagram posts in the same way we were with all other networks, as well as monitor and provide ongoing engagement and feedback.

hootsuite instagram

In a similar fashion to message allocation, where specific conversations could be assigned to teammates, companies can handle Instagram in the same way.

The rollout will go live on August 5th, 2015.

For more info, check out the announcement page.

—– update 7th August 2015—–

In a LinkedIn post, Sarah Rosenquist has reviewed Hootsuite’s new tool and it has come up short of everyone’s high hopes.

“Sorry folks, it’s not the silver bullet we need for Instagram scheduling. Although this feature lets you set up your post to Instagram while you’re sitting at your desk working away, you still have to go to your phone and finish the process.”

It looks like Latergramme’s tool is still the way to go.

What do you think? Will this solve anything for you, or is it just an attempt at a solution which falls short? Leave your comments below.

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