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The Rise of the 'Fidgetal' Consumer

Brand loyalty is always the goal of any salesman. It would be lovely to be able to sleep at night, knowing that your existing customers will only look for your products and will pay no mind to those of your competitors.

While this just doesn’t happen, you can build valuable relationships through experiential marketing and actual conversations via social media, customer service and face-to-face interactions.

The tech world is different. There aren’t face-to-face demonstrations for software, the latest social media platform isn’t going to see if you’re free for a chat and the next best app aren’t usually concerned if you have a bug when other users don’t.

So we can establish that if something shiny comes along, we’re at least going to have a look. If our friends are on it, then we’ll download and trial it. If it becomes useful and actually has a place within our most used apps, then we’ll keep it – as long as others haven’t moved on yet.

I find myself browsing the app store for a replacement for apps that I regularly use and actually quite like. I’m fidgeting in a position which I should be happy with. I’ve got everything I need. There aren’t any functions I need from my device that it doesn’t already do, but I’m antsy for something else.

The other side of the ‘fidgetal consumer’ is one who would rather get out their phone than stand somewhere, not looking at it. Or do you have a friend who is always giving you a lackluster “mmhmm, what? Yeah totally” while almost managing to be discreet about checking Whatsapp or Snapchat under the table.

Remember when we used to queue without looking, scrolling through updates from other people without really reading them? I used to like looking out of the train window on my way to work, now we’re immersed in one of 3 apps we click open without thinking.

What’s the weather like today? I’d better check Yahoo Weather, or I could just look up.

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