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9 Shiny Things from Google I/O

The Google I/O conference is the annual event which details what the clever people over at Google have been up to during since the last one and “How we’re tackling the future”.

So, as brevity is always appreciated, here’s the list:

1. Android M: The next version of the Android operating system, which looks a lot like the previous version, Lollipop. Google explains that the aesthetic will be similar and will focus on optimizing battery, a new ‘doze’ mode and a new app permissions screen.

They also mentioned a preview of ‘Android Pay‘ to counter Apple’s underused offering.

2. Project Brillo: A stripped-down version of Android which will work across all web-connected devices, from your home security system to your smart-fridge.

3. Android Wear updates: As the Apple watch is exciting some and underwhelming others (me), Android are continuing to develop new ideas, including a larger focus on apps (now 4,000 on Google Play for Android Wear).

google cardboard, google vr, cardboard vr

4. Expeditions: A project which works with Cardboard, giving more opportunities for less fiscally flush to explore virtual reality possibilities.

5. Better Google Now: The ready-to-go information finder, found on Android and Android Wear will be getting improvements on the new OS, Android M. It will be always running in the background and ready to help. With Microsoft’s Cortana coming to both Android and iOS devices, seamless computing is coming fast.


6. Android One: Google’s low-cost handsets for developing regions. With these highly optimized but affordable devices, Google aims to bring the Android OS, and the internet to “the next billion”.


7. Unlimited Phone Storage: Google wants you to take more photos. With Google Photos, your pictures will be sorted for you by face, place or chronologically. You’ll also be able to store as many as you can take on their servers.

8. Chrome Offline: Google’s laptop-light, the Chromebook is pretty useless while offline. With new features, it will introduce apps and services which can work while disconnected from the Internet, as well as YouTube videos which can be saved for 48hrs and an offline Maps option.

xs_play-logo-white-650-809. Google Play Store Optimization: Google’s app store can now be customized to the user’s needs, which should bring a more unique experience.

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