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Over, the app making your photos more shareable

There is no end to the beautiful photographs being captured and shared on networks like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. However, one company has seen an opportunity to add a new element to our visually-captured memories.

Over, created by Aaron Marshall gives a new twist on photo editing with a simple, hand-drawn graphic element or text which gives the image a scrapbook or postcard feel.


While incredibly simple-looking, this new style is proving to be more shareable and much more engaging. While a photo says a thousand words, this manages to squeeze in a few more. When someone shares a picture with the ‘Over’ treatment, the feeling of which it reminds them, or motivational instruction we which to portray can be shown and used again.

Available on iOS and Android, the app is an improvement on the Instagram editing tool. While it doesn’t share the social side, the photos don’t get a reduction in resolution, one of the biggest complaints of Android Instagram users.

The app has a wonderfully homemade style, as do the finished images, which is part of the charm. I can’t wait to see the new typographical elements and art with which to improve my photos for social.

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