The Non-Disposable Movement

It’s always a pleasure to get out and meet new brands and start-up companies that are making something worth making. At the Healthy Family Expo in Vancouver, BC, I met a few companies who are just starting out and are coming with a message, “we’re making a change”. Among the genuinely nice brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs and impassioned business-folk were Kisha Kinrade and James Spain of Timberchild. … Continue reading The Non-Disposable Movement

5 Ways to De-Stress, Fast

When everything is happening, all at once and you’re starting to get hot, it’s awfully easy to say something that you don’t mean, or that you shouldn’t have said out loud. Maybe the kids are screaming at you from different sides, each with a different demand, or you’re just trying to navigate some traffic while your seat is kicked behind you and your partner is … Continue reading 5 Ways to De-Stress, Fast

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Dad

1.  You have never been tired before. Not like this level of sheer exhaustion. Imagine a car with no fuel, and a hole in the tank, and someone threw up on the hood. Oh and it has to continue driving everyday, up hills, with a brand new trailer. That’s you. Get sleep now because it’s going to be a while.   2. You’re going to see … Continue reading 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Dad

New Dads Need Aromatherapy – Giveaway!

When your priorities change from looking after yourself, to looking after the (small) people who now depend on you, it’s easy to get run down. Which is why I’m giving away one Saje Wellness Immune Booster kit + a Peppermint roll-on headache relief stick, which I swear by for headaches and muscle aches. To enter, scroll down…   SocialDad Aromatherapy Giveaway   Continue reading New Dads Need Aromatherapy – Giveaway!

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The Real Truth About The Man Cold

First of all, we need to drop the ‘man’ ahead of things like ‘cave’, ‘bag’ (it’s a purse, just own it), and above all, ‘cold’. I’m a man and I’m going through this terrible plight right now. My head hurts, I can’t breathe through my nose, I have a chesty cough and I’m lethargic. Although that last one could be because I’m writing this at … Continue reading The Real Truth About The Man Cold

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5 more Amazon Deals for a Gadget-loving Dad

Wow! Well it looks like you guys found the last 5 Amazon Deals for a Tech-Savvy Dad, so here are 5 more of those things that you didn’t even know you needed (but will love!). The Apple Watch (38mm) is on special right now on It’s got all the good stuff that you’d hope to find in a smart watch, including: heart rate monitor, games, … Continue reading 5 more Amazon Deals for a Gadget-loving Dad

What To Feed Your Baby + 3 Easy Recipes

When your little one is 0-6 months old, breast milk (or formula) will be the sole nutrition needed. After that, it’s ok to start introducing food as a compliment to the milk, with specially made for first feeds. They’re super mushy mixes of vegetables and fruit or room-temp baby oatmeal with added iron. Here’s an article by Nestle Baby about the importance for iron in … Continue reading What To Feed Your Baby + 3 Easy Recipes