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Everything You Wanted to Know about CBD but were afraid to ask

sponsored review I have so many questions about CBD, specifically, its use in various therapies, remedies, and supplements. As someone who doesn’t even like to take allergy medication unless my Doctor tells me I need it, I’ve been a little timid about branching into CBDs, even when many of my friends rave about their uses in daily life. I will admit that my trepidation is based on how little I know on the subject, so when BC-based Sunnyside Botanicals got in touch to offer a  ...

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32 Life Lessons From a Dad

As I sat in the bath, thinking about how fleeting life is, trying to concentrate on the book I haven’t really been enjoying, my mind wandered and landed on a few things that make perfect sense. In fact, they’re so simple that it’s a bit crazy to not do them, starting right  ...

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Sometimes Dads just need to talk

Brace yourself, Father’s Day gift lists are coming (I’ve been working on one for months), but I want to briefly touch on mental health, specifically in fathers. In many cases, Fatherhood is incredibly isolating. The pressure to be a ‘good Dad’ and supportive husband  ...

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