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Breaking Up with My Phone Provider

“Why won’t you walk in a straight line?” I passively grumble to myself. The person in front of me on the closing quarter-mile of my walk to work is on his phone and is meandering around the sidewalk.  “What kind of phone call takes this long?” says another inward thought before I catch it and remind myself that I am working on my kindness. I really am. Then a realisation hits me. I don’t talk on the phone anymore. Not properly at least. I answer questions, I inquire and make  ...

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The Early Black Friday Sales

I’m very excited about Black Friday. Since we’ve moved into a new place, I finally get to buy a big screen TV to replace the 32 inch one with the weird green line across the screen. I popped into the Best Buy near by office and was invited to a VIP pre-Black Friday sale. I’m  ...

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